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Jeff Smith meets Dave Smith

Telford Classic Dirtbike Show Sunday 18th February

Jeff Smith was introduced to Dave Smith
"These books are better than anything we had back at BSA, I've worn out several copies of Volume 1 in the workshop!"

Craven Arms - Birmingham Branch Camp

Birmingham Branch BSA Camp at Craven Arms May 2018

Two stalwarts who will buy anything after a few beers
Well.....they haven't asked for their money back yet!

BSA Wiltshire Branch - Stone Circle

Rupert Ratio with Darren Carter. 
Presents the favourite BSA Award to "Chip Shop Pete's" 1971 A65.  The charity event was at Avebury Stone Circle on Monday 8th May 2018.

Engine following complete overhaul, B40 Military MK 2, original fittings and fasteners used throughout, military finish to outer casings and covers as original

B40 Military MK 2 engine following complete overhaul. Original fittings and fasteners used throughout, outer covers finished to correct military spec.

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